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2016 IOSTC Rewards Points

This Reward program closed on Dec 15, 2016
This contest is open to all paid members of the club who choose to participate. The contest begins January 1st and will end December 15, 2016. If you are new to the club and/or Rewards program you will be required to post and share your race photos. The aim of this Rewards Program is to promote our club by asking our club members to wear IOSTC gear when they race. We will not reward race points if you are not wearing an IOSTC tri top, jersey or other IOS race top. (No Exceptions!)

Selected activities will be eligible to earn reward points towards free gear during the season. Here's how it works: RSVP the activities you plan to attend. You will receive a confirmation reminder following the activity. Confirm your attendance and start earning points towards prize. Each time you reach a certain points threshold; a reward certificate will be generated and emailed to you for the prize you have earned. Just take it to an Inside Out Sports location and redeem it. Your points continue to accumulate to earn more prizes.

For races, you earn points by confirming attendance and sharing a photo on Race Reach taken at the race venue wearing your IOSTC jersey / tri top.

Here's how the points breakdown:

Race Events = 3 points
Volunteering at Race events = 3 points

IOSTC reserves the right to add or delete activities without notice as deemed appropriate.

Certificates issued under this program are good for 30 days from receipt.

Award Thresholds
Credits Prize Status
25 $25 Inside Out Sports Gift Card un-earned   [grant certificate]
50 $25 Inside Out Sports Gift Card un-earned   [grant certificate]
75 $25 Inside Out Sports Gift Card un-earned   [grant certificate]
100 $25 Inside Out Sports Gift Card un-earned   [grant certificate]
Leaderboard pick the

Carlton Cooper 30
Blair Robinson 27
Kelly Alford 27
Tyler Mcguirt 12
Miya Caswell 12
Amy Robinson 9
Keith Manning 0 9
Anastasia Mckay 9
Tina Manning 0 9
Bob Beckstead 6
Michael Wells 6
Junghee Lim 6
Diane Huis 6
Tanner Lovelace 6
Ryan Ackley 3
Kurt Cleveland 3
Jim Pullen 3
Kirk Beeson 3
Ken Polleck 3