Triangle Triathlon Club Executive Committee


Member Description and List of Duties

“Help shape the future of TTC”

Member Description and List of Duties

Board of Directors (voting members)

  • Coordinate and preside over Club meetings, Board meetings, appoint needed committees and/or chair committees as directed by the Board.
  • Guide the Board Members in devising and implementing goals, policies, and practices aimed at effective, coordinated pursuit of Club objectives for the best interests of the Club.
  • Communicate with Board on requests from outside sources and make decisions based on feedback received from the Board.
  • Act as spokesperson for the Club in public and make presentations as necessary.
  • Issue call for special meetings when necessary.
  • Interface with USAT, WTC or other sport sanctioning bodies.
  • Sign all legal documents on behalf of the Club with Board approval.
  • Maintain the order of all meetings in a fair and impartial manner.
  • Vote only if needed to break a tie at a Board meeting.
  • Remind Board of meetings.
  • Reserve space for board meetings.
  • Solicit agenda items and prepare meeting agendas.
  • Prepare and distribute meeting minutes to the Board and post minutes on the Club website.
  • Maintain current contact information for all Board Members.
  • Coordinates the Chairs of the Membership and Volunteer Committees.
  • Provide general financial oversight.
  • Provide financial planning and budgeting.
  • Maintain accurate financial records.
  • Prepare and distribute monthly financial reports.
  • Deposit Club funds.
  • Disburse funds and pay bills.
  • File appropriate forms with the IRS and State of North Carolina.
  • Coordinates the Chairs of the Sponsorship and Assets Committees.
  • Provide advice and counsel to the President and Executive Committee.
  • Maintains the archives of the Club.
  • Coordinates the Chairs of the Clinic / Training and Race Committees.
Vice President Communication
  • Establishes and implements a board approved Annual Club Communications plan.
  • Reviews and proposes Club communication guidelines.
  • Enforces Club communication guidelines.
  • Coordinates the Chairs of the Social and Media Committees.


Committee Chairs (non-voting)

Membership Committee Chair
  • Manage membership.
  • Process and review registrations, renewals, and deactivations.
  • Order and distribute Club membership items, usually t-shirts.
  • Verify paid status for special events and other member benefits.
  • Prepares a monthly summary of committee activities.
Media Committee Chair

Produce and distribute via email the monthly newsletter, usually during first week of the month.
• Contact sponsors and other contributors for newsletter content.
• Post Club news and updates to Club website and Club media sites (Facebook group, Instagram,
Twitter, etc.).
• Prepares a monthly summary of committee activities.

Social Committee Chair
  • Organize and plan monthly socials at least one month in advance of proposed date.
  • Coordinate speakers for monthly topics as agreed to by Board members.
  • Organize annual kick-off event.
  • Organize end of season event.
  • Prepares a monthly summary of committee activities.
Clinic / Training Committee Chair
  • Organize and administer the Beginner Training Program.
  • Act as the Liaison to the Affiliated Coaches.
  • Identify and define group training opportunities.
  • Keep training calendar up to date.
  • Promote training opportunities offered by sponsors and affiliated coaches.
Sponsorship Committee Chair
  • Recruit sponsors.
  • Collect money from sponsors.
  • Coordinate with sponsors throughout the year to get them involved in Club events.
  • Prepares a monthly summary of committee activities.
Race Committee Chair
  • Set race calendar. Identify club focused races.
  • Call for discounts to Club races.
  • Promote Club races.
  • Plan dinners and post-race activities for Club races.
  • Coordinate block hotel rooms for out of town Club races.
  • Prepares a monthly summary of committee activities.
Volunteer Committee Chair
  • Recruit club members to provide race support at all local races. Including tent set-up, post-race snacks.
  • Work with local race directors and philanthropic organizations to provide volunteer opportunities to Club members.
  • Coordinate with organizations and race directors to place volunteers in the necessary positions.
  • Prepares a monthly summary of committee activities.
Assets Committee Chair
  • Coordinate Club kit/custom logo item orders.
  • Identify and proposes purchase of Club assets.
  • Manages the storage, disbursement and return of all Club owned supplies and assets– tents, tables, coolers, etc.
  • Prepares a monthly summary of committee activities.
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